We have a class for everyone from 3yrs to adult.

(3yrs – 11 yrs)

Learn how to recognize Jesus is the reason we live and how He is our friend.


(12yrs – 17yrs)

Understanding the principles of being a Christian and identify with Christ through what He taught His disciples. Knowing God understands all what we go through regardless of our age.


(18yrs- 30yrs)

Growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ in every aspect of our lives. Leaving no detail untouched and knowing God is our creator
​and cares about us.


(30 yrs and above)

Embracing God as our loving father.  Learning more about His kindness and maturing in our gifts so we confidently submit ourselves to His guidance.

(18yrs and Above for MEN AND WOMEN)

Understanding Life and Living.  This includes our careers, homes, aspirations, children, etc.  Whatever our cares and concerns are God gives us direction as we grow conquering fear and doubt.

Objective of Saturday Academy are the 3 L’s

Love the Lord with all your might, strength and mind

Learn of the Lord, His ways, His actions so we can be wise disciples


Live the purposeful life that was destined to you

Christian Education

Dr. Constance J. Longmire- Director * Min. Linda Daniels Assit. Director and Children Class coordinator
Sheila Brantley – Life Skills Class Coordinator * Sis. Shirley Young – Treasurer
Sis. Kim McLaughlin- Asst. Life Skills Class Coordinator * Sis. Alexis Herron – Social Media Coordinator